Auctioneer Reid's Auction Canada Inc
Type Live Webcast Auction
Date(s) 12/18/2017 - 12/19/2017
Tuesday December 18th at 6:00 PM. Live Auction & Web Cast
Preview Date/Time Tuesday December 18th 10:00 to 6:00
Checkout Date/Time December 18th & 19th 9:00 to 5:00
Location 4646 BUILDERS ROAD SE
Calgary, AB T2G4C6
Buyer Premium 15 Percent on All Purchases
COINS - $1 Old Bills, 1923 Shin Plaster, Silver Sets, Full $1 to Penny Sets, World Coins, Silver Dollars, Morgan Silver Dollars, Watch, Colored Quarters, NHL Collectors Set, Gold Flakes, Titanic Quarters, 50 Cent Pieces, Collector Sets, & Others and more JEWELRY - Rings, Bracelets, Jewlery Sets, Sapphires, Dimonds, Opals, Jade, Rubbies, Much More, Damaged Freight - HDMI Splitters, Hot Water Tanks, Three Skids of Arborite, Pipes, Ranges, Hot Water heaters, Ladder, Ctns KP siding, Ctn Building Supply Products, Copper Pipe, Cases of Coffee Filters, Crt Hyundia Short Block, Mirrored Doors, Skid Plastic Sheets, Fridge, Wire Parts Cage x LBD D&R, Ctn Steel Posts, Shut off Valve, Water Heaters, Ctn Pipe Insulation, Ctn Canplas Plastic Plumbing Fittings, 10 ft 3/4" Galvinzed Rod, Skid Laminate, Pcs Hutton Antennae, Ctn Defective Electronics, Hyundai Hood Panel, Pcs Black Channel, Ctns A vent, Ctn J Channel, & MORE NET WORKING CENTER (Used) - COMPUTER RACKS, SERVERS, COMPUTER NET WORKING GEAR - Servers, Harddrives, Multiple Computer Racks, Computer Components, Parts, So Much More.
Title on any or all purchased items does not transfer to the buyer until al lfunds are recieved in full by Reid's Auction (Canada) Inc. All items are sold as is where is and lie at the purchases risk immediately. TERMS & CONDITIONS OF THE AUCTION SALE Terms of the auction could change and will be anounced by the aucitoneer so please listen carefully. The auctioneers decision is final. 1. These terms and conditions apply in favour of Reid’s Auction (Canada) Inc. (“Reid’s”). 2. Terms of the sale are cash only unless specified by the aucitoneer. No items are to be removed until paid for. 3. All items are sold on an “as is, where is” basis, and lie at the purchaser’s risk immediately. 4. The items have been displayed and each purchaser shall be held to have satisfied himself/herself as to the condition, identity and authenticity thereof and shall not be entitled to make any objection after the sale whatsoever. 5. Reid’s will not be liable for loss or damage relating in any way to the items. Reid’s does not accept any liability for the items including, without limitation, any liability for items not being available for use, any liability for any injury sustained from the use of the items or any liability relating to the items being past their durable life date or best before date. The foregoing limitations apply regardless of the causes or circumstances giving rise to such loss or damage, even if such loss or damage is based on negligence, other torts or breach of contract. 6. Items sold which are or contain any pollutants, contaminants, waste of any kind, hazardous substances or materials, toxic substances, deleterious substances, dangerous substances, dangerous goods or similar materials (the “Hazardous Goods”) are immediately the sole responsibility of the purchaser. The purchaser is solely responsible for obtaining all applicable licences, permits, approvals, consents, operating authorities, certificates, registrations or authorizations related to the Hazardous Goods (the “Permits”) and for moving and storage of the Hazardous Goods. Reid’s shall not be responsible for and does not accept any liability related to the Hazardous Goods or the Permits. No representation or warranty is made by Reid’s relating to the quality or legal status of the Hazardous Goods, including, without limitation, any representation or warranty relating to the Permits. The purchaser must handle, transport, store and otherwise deal with Hazardous Goods in accordance with all applicable laws. Hazardous Goods may be found within other items and such Hazardous Goods become the sole responsibility of the purchaser. The purchaser shall be responsible for all costs related to the Hazardous Goods. 7. Reid’s makes no representation or warranty (whether written or oral, express or implied, statutory or otherwise arising from a course of dealing or custom of trade) whatsoever in respect of the items, including but not limited to any representation or warranty relating to the quality, merchantability or fitness for purpose of the items. Reid’s is not responsible for the quality of the items. 8. Reid’s makes no representation or warranty relating to the certification or safety standards of items, including, without limitation, any representation or warranty as to whether items have been approved, certified or have otherwise met standards developed by an accredited standards development organization or any similar institution. Reid’s will not be liable for and does not accept any liability relating to any loss or damage relating to items that have not been approved, certified or have otherwise not met standards developed by an accredited standards development organization or any similar institution. 9. Reid’s reserves the right to accept or reject a bid and shall control the bidding at all times. 10. In all cases of dispute, Reid’s decision shall be final. 11. All items must be picked up within one working day following the auction or moving and storage charges will be assessed at $150.00 per hour for moving and $20.00 per sq ft. per month for storage. A minimum charge of $200.00 for storage will apply. 12. If items are not picked up and dumping is required, a fee of $150.00 per hour for moving will be assessed and the bidder will be responsible for all dumping charges. 13. Reid’s reserves the right to revoke the sale of any item(s) even if the item(s) have been paid for in full and removed from the premises. The purchaser will surrender such item(s) to Reid’s for a full refund of the purchase price and compensation for moving of the objects at a fair market rate. 14. There will be a buyers premium of a minimum of 10% on all purchases but please check since this may change from sale to sale. Buyer premiums can be as high as 25% 15. Auction licence BL202224 I hereby certify that I understand the terms and conditions of sale and I will be responsible for paying for the goods charged to me. If I pay by cheque, I further certify that there is now a deposit to my credit at the bank on which the cheque is drawn, sufficient cleared funds to meet payment and that said funds will remain available for payment of said cheque upon presentation. If by some unforeseen circumstance the cheque fails to clear and the payment is not made in full to Reid’s within one (1) day following the auction date, I authorize Reid’s to charge my credit card for any charges that may arise by the terms stated above. Signature below and action of bidding during the sale constitutes acceptance of the above terms and conditions. SIGNATURE: ____________________________________ These are special terms.
Your bid must adhere to the bid increment schedule.
Bid Amount Bid Increment
0.00 - 95.00 5.00 CDN
95.01 - 975.00 25.00 CDN
975.01 - 9,750.00 250.00 CDN
9,750.01 - 97,500.00 2,500.00 CDN
97,500.01 - 9,999,999.99 10,000.00 CDN
Currency CDN
Buyer Premium 15 Percent on All Purchases
Payment Terms